#MBN 2020 | Abstracts
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Asano Yuko – Japan
Long-term outcomes after Breast reconstruction using fat grafting with/without adipose-derived stromal cell

Bernini Marco – Italy
Conservative breast reconstruction: short-term outcomes of 146 prepectoral immediate tissue expander/implant breast reconstruction, with 37 cases of post-mastectomy radiation therapy, in a single-Institution series.

Boštjan Lah – Slovenia
Antifibrinolitic agent tranexamic acid – use in breast surgery

Campisi Corrado – Italy
Breast Cancer Related Lymphedema: From Prevention to Adequate Microsurgical Treatment

Dorangricchia Patrizia – Italy
Psychological flexibility as predictor and target factor in patients’ adjustment to breast cancer

Faldetta Nadia – Italy
Psychological implications and coping strategies to breast cancer in the pre -post and follow up surgical treatment period

Karadeniz Cakmak Guldeniz – Turchia
Intraoperative ultrasonography guided oncoplasty surgery

Lin Joshua – Australia
Intraoperative axillary nodal assessment in invasive breast carcinomas. Is it still relevant in the era of axillary de-escalation?

Nashimoto Mika – Japan
Reliability of intraoperative frozen section biopsy from sub areolar and breast MRI for predicting occult nipple involvement in patients undergoing Nipple-Sparing Mastectomy

Ranesh Palan – Australia
Impact of SSO-ASTRO Margin Guidelines and Intra-operative Imaging on Re-operation Rates Following Breast Conserving Surgery: A Single Tertiary Institution’s Seven Year Experience

Ranesh Palan – Australia
Tumour size affecting re-excision rates in image-guided breast conserving surgery for invasive cancers.

Shehzad Abdullah – Australia
Stage IV Breast Cancer: Factors Affecting Survival Rates in a Tertiary Institution, a 7 year experience.